Five steps of the process

Five steps of the process

Visiting the USA is a dream for numerous students from all over the globe. Participating in Work and Travel program is a great opportunity for students because it gives them a chance to have fun, learn and earn some money at the same time. And there is also cherry on top - if you worked in the USA and paid taxes, you could be entitled to receive a US tax refund. We are preparing taxes for thousands of J-1 students and Work & Travel participants from all over the world every year, so let us explain how we can do it for you in a simple, fast and 100% safe way through 5 simple steps.

Let’s go through 5 steps of the process!

1st Step - Submit your documents

You click here and open our application. You will answer some simple questions in plain English with no jargon or complicated language to confuse you.
You will submit the documents required in order to get your tax refund.
You will send everything to us and from this point, we will take care of you.

Documents Submission

Following documents are required in order to make your tax return:

Copies of all W-2 Forms or the last pay stubs
Copy of Social Security Card
Copy of first page of Passport
Copy of US visa
Copy of Form DS-2019
Filled and signed Form 2848 Power of Attorney
Filled and signed Customer agreement

Important: It is extremely important to submit information about ALL your US employers!

2nd Step - We review your documents and do the calculation

Once we receive your application, we will review your application and all submitted documents. If the application is complete, we will proceed with tax calculation.

3rd Step - We e-file or mail your documents

If your tax return is eligible for e-filing, we will send it electronically, if not, we will mail your papers via courier to the IRS or other US tax authority.

4th Step - IRS reviews your tax return

Your tax return has to be reviewed by US tax authorities in order to get approved.

5th Step - You get your tax refund

After your tax refund is processed and approved by US tax authorities, you you will receive money that was refunded to you and you can start enjoying your tax refund.